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Oliver Rock

Oliver Rock is a live action show with lots of music. It’s about a rock band that lives adventuresin an infinite labyrinth.Oliver Rock’s characters will face all kinds of situations. From the craziest ones to those closest to the daily conflicts of the viewers. But always with lots of humor. Besides the main story, there will be some other surprises in the form of extra contents. Theymight be musical intermissions or real lifeadventures.
Being Oliver Rock dreams based, anythingis possible. These contents don’t evenneed to bejustified.

Series, 1 season, 26 episodes à 22 minutes

Style: Live Action

Genre: Comedy

Target audience: 7-12 years

Production year: 2015-2016

Original language: English

Rights: TV, Home Entertainment

Territories: G/A/S, Benelux, Nordics