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Dex Hamilton and the Doomsday Swarm

31st century swashbuckling hero Dex Hamilton is all about bugs. Besides studying and collecting he protects the human race from them. And protects them from the human race. But now on a distant alien planet, something has stirred up a new species of insect: A two-ton monster that demolishes a human mining colony in seconds. Immediately world authorities are calling for the bug to be hunted down. When Dex traces the monster, he sees a frightened creature in need of help. So he brings it to Earth, and into the safety of his sprawling insect preserve. But bug hunter Hartley Hunter is not about to quit. He relentlessly assaults the preserve and Dex and his team are forced to defend its inhabitants, all the while racing to learn the secret of the bug’s power. Is it really a walking weapon of mass destruction, or could it actually benefit the human race?

Feature Film, 76 minutes

Style: 3D Animation (CGI)

Genre: Adventure, Comedy

Target audience: 6-12 years

Production year: 2013

Origin country: Canada

Original language: English

Rights: TV, Home Entertainment

Territories: Worldwide, excl. North America, Australia