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Knightball - NEW!

in development

In 2149 KNIGHTBALL is the Universal Game, played by robots, steered by humans. The game stands for a transformed society after the GEMP explosion destroyed all existing electronic data. Knightball encourages team spirit, fair technical rivalry, mental and physical strength and individual courage. 36 teams from 120 city states across 5 Realms compete for the coveted Trophy. The winner will chair the planet‘s powerful League of Honour. Inexperienced but talented Mark helps his Manhattan Lions team reach the finals, threatening to thwart the ambition of hot favourite Beijing Dragons. And in spite of the all-seeing public, new ways are found by a few to manipulate the rules for their personal greed. A series of dramatic events on and behind the field arenas unfold.

Series, 1 season, 26 episodes à 22 minutes

Style: 3D Animation (CGI)

Genre: Action, Adventure

Target audience: 10-13 Years

Production year: 2015

Rights: TV, Home Entertainment